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1 set of giblets

1 small onion

1 bayleaf

900ml cold water

2 level tbsp. plain flour

Salt and pepper

The giblet stock can be made the day before it is required. Rinse the giblets in cold water. Place in saucepan with the onion & bay leaf, cover with water and bring to simmering point. Remove the scum & simmer the giblets very gently for 2 hours. Strain the stock & when cool, store in the fridge until required.

Drain the fat from the tin in which the turkey has been roasted, carefully saving the dark juices. Sieve the flour into the juices & stir over a low heat.  When all the flour has been absorbed, add the giblet stock slowly & whisk until the gravy is smooth. Bring the gravy to boiling point & season with salt and pepper. Simmer the gravy for a couple of minutes & transfer to a warm jug.


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