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January is often the month that we invest in a healthy lifestyle, for example, joining the gym, signing up to slimming clubs. We make choices to eat healthy foods and cut back on sugar, salt, fat and alcohol. Perhaps we also reflect on our impact on the environment.
Sometimes the most obvious answer is on your doorstep…
Here are some of the benefits of buying local from Trussell’s Butchers: –

• Quality – no added saline, UK sourced, Real Free Range, traceability right back to the farm??

• Beef & Lamb – are all Grass-fed and not Grain-feD

• Pork – Blythburgh Real British farm, outdoor reared, no antibiotics, no added water & no added rubbish

• Knowledge & Advice – does a vacuum-packed steak tell you how best to cook it?

• Less packaging- less waste

• Atmosphere – Friendly and enjoyable shopping experience?

• Bespoke Butchery – buy what you need and prepared for your requirements

• Not just meat – sauces, meals, stocks and lots more??

• Click & Collect – not enough time to visit us? Try our new online service

• Finally – We are local, on your doorstep, many of you can walk to us and we love a chat too. ?


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