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Pork, garlic, parsley and fennel sausage

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A coarse pork mince sausage with no Rusk or breadcrumbs for a full meaty taste. We use natural hog casings that are soaked prior to use to remove any saltyness from them and to soften them up. Our sausage process involves mincing our free range pork through, firstly on a coarse plate before adding our seasonings, then mixing by hand before mincing through again but on a finer plate this time to ensure that the flavouring is perfectly distributed. We then fill the skins and link all the sausages by hand, giving you an authentic sausage.

Pork (90.00%), Parsley (4.00%), Fennel seed (2.00%), Garlic powder (2.00%), Pennine (2.00%): (Salt, rice flour, dextrose,flavour enhancer E621, preservative E221 (Sulphite), stabalisers E450, HVP (contains Soya, salt, maize, citric acid E330, colour E150d), antioxidants E301 & E331, spice extracts, colour E120)

ALLERGENS: Soya, Sulphite

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