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Grass fed lamb, minced through with a kebab seasoning and pressed on a stock

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Free range lamb, boned and trimmed in store, then minced through once, seasoned with a traditional kofta seasoning and mixed by hand, then minced a second time to get the full impact of the flavour through the meat. Once this is done we pack the meat on sticks and coat in a decrative crumb of dry herbs and peppers.

Lamb (92.00%), Kofta Seasoning (4.00%): (Startch, salt, spices (cumin, white pepper, coriander, black pepper, clove), dried garlic, dried onion, yeast extract (yeast extract, salt), dried herbs (parsley, mint), presevatives (sodium metabisulphite), natural garlic flavouring, anitioxadent (sodium ascorbate), natural spearmint flavouring,), Rusk (2.00%): (Rusk, breadcrumbs (contains Wheat flour [calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin], salt, yeast)), French dec GREEN (2.00%): (Paprika, herbs (Celery leaves, parsley, chives))

ALLERGENS: Celery, Rusk, Sulphite, Wheat

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